Free Medical for Illegals and Green Carders - It's Not Fair

I pay through the nose for medical attention that illegals and Green Carders get for FREE.  It's not right.  I have argued about these costs on our social services safety net for some time now. Long term unemployed American citizens are nearing the end of hope.  Many have said time and again that, when the money runs out, the folks that are hurt the most are American citizens.  Unfortunately, No one wants to write their legislators and demand an end to supporting illegal aliens and Green Cards from Mexico and other places who live here, refuse to work, or even LOOK for a job.  Believe me.  It's true.  I know some of them up front and personal!

We desperately need for our citizens what is currently available to 'them' for FREE.  Is it fair that illegals and Green Carders come here, work for cash, pay no income taxes, send their children to school on your dime?  Is it fair that they come here, and in ten years manage to have born half a dozen anchor babies because they can use that anchor baby to receive WIC, Medicaid benefits, free Section 8 housing and even welfare?

Some say illegals can't draw that money.  Well! I'm pretty sure that most can.

First of all, all anchor babies are eligible for welfare and all other social benefits; it matters not that both parents are illegal or Green Card.  Mexicans know this, take full advantage of it, and just hope and pray that enough Americans continue to be in the dark about this practice.  All that is needed to apply for welfare is to carry a certified copy of the anchor baby's birth certificate to sign up for welfare in the child's name.  Again I say.  Believe me.  It's true.  I know some of them up front and personal!

According to the latest census information, as reported by judicial watch, an astounding 75% of all illegals with an American born child, are receiving welfare benefits.  This is higher than any group of American citizens in any ethnic group.

Lets look at a scenario that plays out in America every single minute of every day:

1) Jose and Maria are smuggled into the U.S. so Maria can have an "American baby"
2) After the anchor baby is born Jose and Maria hightailed it up to the Welfare office to apply for welfare in the "anchor baby citizen"'s name.  While their downtown anyway, they sign up for WIC which gets them a lot of groceries. 
3) Jose takes a job with a building contractor that's willing to pay him $20 bucks an hour in cash, no benefits.
Jose gets paid $2500 dollars per month in cash.
4) Maria takes a job as a hotel maid using a stolen social security number.  Maria makes $2,000 per month.
5) Little anchor baby is pulling in $1,000 dollars a month in welfare, just by being born here.

So how are things going for Maria and Jose?  $5,500 dollars per month in income!  A WIC debit card that pays for their groceries!  Free medicaid and dental care for little anchor baby and if either adult needs medical they just hop on over to the nearest Emergency Room!  Don't need a primary physician.  They just use the whole darned hospital!

But wait a minute!  The gravy doesn't stop there!  The IRS requires that everyone file an income tax return, regardless of legal status.  To accommodate Jose and Maria, the IRS issues a form W7 Individual Income Tax Return (INIT) for illegal citizens.  (The IRS is not allowed to provide the tax filer's address to Immigration and Naturalization, by law!)  Now Jose and Maria file a W7INIT to the IRS and claim Maria's $24,000 dollar income.  The IRS sees that this falls within the range so they send Jose and Maria a check for $3,000 for little anchor baby for a Child Tax Credit plus everything Maria paid in payroll taxes!
Again I say. Believe me.  It's true.  I know some of them up front and personal!

Lets not even get into the education programs; the overcrowded classrooms, the hundreds of billions spent to build schools to accommodate all the illegal kids or the preferential treatment they get in our nation's universities  Nor will I get into the tens of billions in the costs of illegal crime and the costs to incarcerate them.  The costs are staggering!

Why does all this go on?  Three reasons:  1) Government encourages it because they are trying to build a huge hispanic voting block to keep them in power 2)  Businesses love illegals because they love cheap labor 3) You, the American people, sit there and pay for all this without complaint.

So, everyone, if you want to keep ignoring this, by all means do so; but when they start raising your taxes even higher...and when they begin cutting your American citizen mom and pop's social security...and when Uncle Sam finally admits that we are bankrupt, remember this little blog, OK!

By the way.  I must thank just common sense for this research.