Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Prompted This Blog?

Well, it all started the first time that I got sick.  Doesn't matter when.  It's always the same. I get sick.  Go to the doctor, he detects/or doesn't detect the problem.  He prescribes medication - generic allowed. I pick up the generic drug. Swallow it.  Have a major reaction to the generic. Insurance company refuses to pay 'UNLESS IT'S GENERIC'. I protest.  They deny. Doctor writes a protest.  They still deny.  I end up paying $100.00 up for primary medication.  The fact is - insurance companies and drug companies are crooks – but, I wonder.

Are they the only ones?

I constantly wonder "who is in whose pocket" and who is really 'The Keeper and protector of the Sick"?

Most of us live on a budget. When we spend money, it's usually for something that we want to get, or something that we want to continue to have. Those of us who can afford it, however, are spending quite a large sum of money on things that we hope we will never need. One of those is "Health Insurance".  For our parents and some of our friends, much of that money is spent on 'Medicare part D' which is a supplemental insurance for medication - and that's where the 'rubber meets the road'.  That's just the beginning of where the insurance company and the government share the 'same pocket'.

All of a sudden you are hit with the realization that, not only are you not in control of decisions regarding your own health, but neither is your doctor. Although he prescribes what he considers to be the best solution to your problem, the ultimate decision maker is 'your insurance company'.  If you cannot afford the 'primary drug' that the doctor prescribed because he knows there is a likely possibility that you may die if you take the 'generic' that the insurance company requires you to take (or they will not pay for your medication), then you cut back on other necessities for the primary drug or you take the generic or nothing at all and possibly DIE.

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