Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Takes One Visit and 4 Calls To Get Prescriptions

OK!  Here’s the skinny!  I thought things had really gone according to plan when I went to the doctor to get my check-up and get my blood pressure prescriptions rewritten.

Well, I guess it didn’t go as well as I had thought.

My examination went just fine and he said he would call in the scripts. I said, “You don’t write them anymore”?  He said “No, we’ll fax them”.  I said, “Great! That will be much quicker”!

Nope, it wasn’t quicker.

The next day I called the pharmacy and the scripts had not been called in.

I called the doctor’s office, left a message to please call in the scripts.  I only had one pill left on one of them.  The nurse called back and said she would call them in.

Later in the day I called the pharmacy.  They said all of the scripts had been called in except one and that I needed to call the doctor and have him call the pharmacy.  Guess which one didn't get called it.  You guessed it - the one where I only had one pill left!

So, this is a 3rd try to get my blood pressure scripts.  By the way, my blood pressure isn't doing all that great by now!!!!  

I call doctor's office again, left a message for the nurse to call in the script…….. I’m still waiting!!  Maybe I'll get a call before I have a stroke!

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